Samita Rana Magar

I am a simple 21 years old girl following my big dream. I am doing Fashion Designing course right now because being a successfull Fashion Designer is what i have always dreamt about.

Who? I am a creative person who constantly work on my creativity. I generate ideas on my mind and then on my sketch book. I think about the designs and try to visualize myself or my friends wearing it. Designing is the big part of my life, one that makes me stress free and gives me happiness.

Why? Because i love to. It's my way of finding happiness through designing and thinking about the designs of dresses and checking out celebrity outfits on screen, magazines, internet etc. I have always tried to create my own way of carrying my outfit since my chidhood. 

What? Ever since i was little, i was either checking out other people's outfit or making my friends sum up their clothes in my way by adding little style on it. I didn't let my art of designing escape me on college so i joined IEC for  Diploma in  Fashion Designing right after i gave my +2 examination. For me Fashion Designing is art of making people's look beautiful by knowing their body type, complexions and dressing them according to it.




Worked as stylist for Navyaata Magazine